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Las Pampas ME

Wooden Carving Set

Wooden Carving Set

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 The rounded wooden hilts, hand finished, shows the artisan’s ability to combine wood and nickel silver, obtaining an amazing looking and functional tool. The blade and the fork are made of stainless steel, forged to remain unaltered for decades given its great hardness and metallic composition.

Available with wooden case or leather envelope for a perfect gift. Leave a note at check out for preferences between them. 

The guayubirá is a tree found in Paraguay, the north of Argentina and parts of Brazil. Its wood has a very fine and homogeneous texture; the grain is straight to oblique, with deeply striated and creamy white to ochre heartwood.

Red quebracho is a tree native to South America much appreciated for its wood. Chestnut to reddish in color, the wood is hard, heavy, strong and extremely resistant to humidity, so that it is used a lot in cabinetry.

Nickel silver is a zinc, copper and nickel alloy, also known as German silver or white metal. Its aspect is very similar to silver and is maintained the same way.


Made to order from Argentina: estimated shipping time 7 days. 

Contact us for customization --> logo or initials on the blade.





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