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Las Pampas ME

Las Pampas Steak Knives

Las Pampas Steak Knives

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Las Pampas Special Edition steak knives with wood and german silver handles. Sharpened stainless steel blades and wooden case for a special gift.

The perfect match for any steak to receive friends and family at any barbecue, or as we like to call it in Argentina, "ASADO".

The guayubirá is a tree found in Paraguay, the north of Argentina and parts of Brazil. Its wood has a very fine and homogeneous texture; the grain is straight to oblique, with deeply striated and creamy white to ochre heartwood.

German silver is a zinc, copper and nickel alloy, also known as nickel silver or white metal. Its aspect is very similar to silver and is maintained the same way.

You can have your own special edition as well! Contact us to engrave your knives and receive them directly from the artisan's workshop to your doorstep in 15 days.


Watch Bernardo's video from his workshop in Argentina in our Youtube Channel.

Blade: 15 cm

Handle: 10 cm



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