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Rose Meat - Matambre 85 dhs per kg

Rose Meat - Matambre 85 dhs per kg

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1.8kg+- Argentina

The Rose Meat (Matambre) is a layer of meat that is removed from between the leather and the ribs of bovines. It is a flat meat with fat on one side. (Matambre): Rose meat is typically referred to in Spanish as “Matambre”, which is delicious and not easy to find. The meat has a lighter red color than most of the interior muscles of the carcass. The Rose Meat is a very versatile cut. Since it can be boiled then fried, grilled, or oven cooked, it can be served as a center-of-the-plate dish or warm appetizer and typically served rolled and stuffed or cooked on the grill with cheese on top. Price 85 dhs per kg.

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